Snapping Turtle harvest in Ontario – UTRCA submission to the EBR

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The Snapping Turtle is listed as a Species at Risk in Ontario. Although this species is still found in many areas, increasing threats have caused declines across the province. Despite these ongoing declines, there is still a legal harvest for Snapping Turtles in Ontario. The science on turtle declines is clear; all types of losses of this species must be addressed, including harvest.

The Ontario government currently has a public comment period regarding the harvest of Snapping Turtles and American Bullfrogs, ending January 30, 2017.

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) is recommending an end to the harvest of both Snapping Turtles and American Bullfrogs in Ontario, based on nearly 25 years of surveys and research in this region and available science from other sources. Read the UTRCA’s submission to the EBR or view the pdf file.

Interested in Commenting on the Snapping Turtle Harvest?

If you would like to provide a comment to the EBR suggesting the turtle harvest be halted, there are two current amendments on the EBR website (EBR# 012-9170 and EBR# 012-9169) where you can submit your input.

1. Click on the links below to open the appropriate EBR web page.
2. Click “Submit Comment” on the right side of the EBR web page to open the comment form.
3. Fill in your contact information and your comment, including the EBR# (see below). You can write an original comment or copy and paste information from the UTRCA’s submission.

Make sure you include the EBR# in your comment or your submission will not count. Each EBR# is listed below the link.

Link 1

Link 1 – EBR Title: Amendments to Ontario Regulation 663/98 (Area Descriptions), Ontario Regulation 665/98 (Hunting), Ontario Regulation 666/98 (Possession, Buying and Selling of Wildlife), and Ontario Regulation 670/98 (Open Seasons) under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 to streamline and modernize the management of small game and furbearer wildlife species in Ontario

NOTE: Include “EBR# 012-9170” in the body of your comment.

Link 2

Link 2 – EBR Title: A Small Game and Furbearer Management Framework for Ontario

NOTE: Include “EBR# 012-9169” in the body of your comment.

Three baby snapping turtles
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