Water Safety Message Extended – Streams and Rivers Remain High (flood bulletin, March 3 – 6, 2017)

Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety (Issued March 3, 2017 at 9 am; valid until March 6, 2017)

The Upper Thames River watershed received approximately 30 – 35 mm of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, fairly uniformly distributed.

Streams and rivers, which were already elevated, responded quickly as the ground was already saturated and unable to absorb the rainfall.

Watercourses peaked Wednesday evening and into Thursday, moving downstream, and will remain high and fast flowing over the weekend, and into the early part of next week. Warm temperatures combined with additional rain are forecast for the middle of next week. If this prediction materializes, it will continue to keep water levels above normal.

The UTRCA’s flood control reservoirs at Fanshawe, Wildwood and Pittock Conservation Areas are being operated to reduce flows.

Residents are reminded to use extreme caution near all watercourses, and to keep children and pets away.  Streambanks are slippery, the water is very cold, and any remaining ice is unstable and thin.

Municipal staff should continue to monitor local drainage problem areas.

UTRCA officials are monitoring the situation, and will report on any changing conditions if necessary.

See Thames River flow information

Contact: Teresa Hollingsworth, Manager, Community & Corporate Services

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