Stoney Creek Stream of Dreams (media release, May 25, 2017)

May 25, 2017, London, ON – A new Stream of Dreams fence mural is being installed at Stoneybrook Public School in London on Friday, May 26. Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) Community Education staff will be hanging 550 painted wooden fish on a fence at the school.

Stream of Dreams is an award-winning program of watershed education through community art. The goal is to help people understand their connections to water and fish habitat, and how to make behavioural changes to protect streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.

“We are pleased to bring the internationally recognized Stream of Dreams program to the Stoney Creek watershed,” said Linda Smith, UTRCA Community Partnership Specialist. “The students have painted 550 wooden fish that we will display for everyone to see. These colourful fish are a reminder of the diversity of fish species in the Thames watershed.”

“We’re celebrating 25 years of protecting Stoney Creek,” said Charlotte Bouckley, a member of the Friends of Stoney Creek. “Thank you to all of the Friends of Stoney Creek and other community members for your efforts over the past 25 years. We welcome new ideas, such as the Stream of Dreams program, as we continue to improve the health of Stoney Creek.”

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Contact: Linda Smith, Community Partnership Specialist, or Steve Sauder, Marketing Specialist

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