Shoreline Protection Project (media release, May 30, 2017)

May 30, 2017, Dorchester, ON – The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, in partnership with the Municipality of Thames Centre, Dorchester Kinsmen Club, and the Dorchester Mill Pond Committee, is strengthening the west shore of the Dorchester Mill Pond and expanding aquatic habitat.

The work on June 1 will strengthen 33 metres of shoreline and improve the walking path on the Mill Pond Trail. The project will also reduce erosion and provide shelter for aquatic life. The habitat expansion will include a cobble shoreline and underwater shoal feature with nooks and crannies for fish and benthic invertebrates (bugs that fish can eat).

Benefits of expanding habitat in the Dorchester Mill Pond:
– Improving the natural area experience for users
– Stopping bank erosion
– Providing shelter and food sources for aquatic life

Local project partners:
– Municipality of Thames Centre
– Dorchester Kinsmen Club
– Dorchester Mill Pond Committee
– Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

The Dorchester watershed is one of 28 subwatersheds within the Upper Thames River watershed. The Dorchester watershed encompasses 13,720 ha (137 sq. km), which is 4% of the Upper Thames River watershed. The Dorchester watershed includes portions of Thames Centre (102 sq. km), Zorra (19 sq. km) and London (16 sq. km).

The Dorchester watershed includes the following Provincially Significant Wetlands: Dorchester Swamp, Putnam/Ivey Tract, Meadowlily Woods Environmentally Significant Area, and North Dorchester Swamp.

Contact: Brad Glasman, Conservation Services Coordinator, or Steve Sauder, Marketing Specialist

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