New Constructed Wetland at Stratford Perth Museum (media release, July 10, 2017)

July 10, 2017, Stratford, ON – The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) is pleased to announce that a new constructed wetland is being installed at the Stratford Perth Museum. This innovative stormwater management approach will help improve water quality and slow down runoff from the parking area.

“Water quality will be improved by turning a 300 square metre portion of the Stratford Perth Museum property into a wetland,” said Alison Regehr, Conservation Services Technician at the UTRCA. “By creating a wetland, we are simply filtering and slowing down stormwater runoff in a natural way. Soil samples indicate that, historically, there were wetlands in the area.”

Who: Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, Stratford Perth Museum, County of Perth

What: Installing a constructed wetland to improve the water quality in the Avon River. After the wetland is constructed, 50 trees and shrubs will be planted including larch, red maple, white cedar, yellow birch, alternate-leaf dogwood, black chokeberry, and red-osier dogwood, as well as 700 aquatic plants.

TD Friends of the Environment
Stratford Perth Community Foundation
Orr Insurance & Investment
Ontario Power Generation

See the constructed wetland design for Stratford Perth Museum.

Contact: Alison Regehr, Conservation Services Technician, or Steve Sauder, Marketing Specialist

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