Great Lakes Commission Awards Green Infrastructure grant to Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (media release, October 11, 2017)

Oct 11, 2017 – The Great Lakes Commission (GLC) has awarded one of five small grants to promote green infrastructure to the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA). Each grant recipient is paired with a mentor who has successfully implemented green infrastructure in their community. The grant program and mentoring network are both part of the Great Lakes Green Infrastructure Champions Pilot Program, which aims to catalyze the adoption of green infrastructure practices and policies across the Great Lakes basin.

The UTRCA, the only Canadian grant recipient, will receive $15,000 USD to install rain gardens and a bioswale at schools in London, Ontario. The pilot installations will be used in conjunction with storm water education programs at the schools. The Credit Valley Conservation Authority will serve as the UTRCA’s mentor.

“We are excited that these grants will help communities adopt green infrastructure and connect with peers across the basin who can offer guidance,” said Victoria Pebbles, GLC Program Director.

The UTRCA will be working with the Thames Valley District School Board on the green infrastructure projects at Jeanne Sauve and Louise Arbour French Immersion and Northbrae Public Schools.

About Green Infrastructure
Green infrastructure is an approach to water management that protects, restores, or mimics the natural water cycle. Green infrastructure solutions can be applied on different scales, from the house or building level, to the broader landscape level. On the local level, green infrastructure practices include rain gardens, permeable pavements, green roofs, infiltration planters, trees and tree boxes, and rainwater harvesting systems. At the largest scale, practices include preserving and restoring natural landscapes (such as forests, floodplains and wetlands), which are critical components of green infrastructure.

Contact: Teresa Hollingsworth, Manager, Community and Corporate Services

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