Current River Flows High (flood bulletin, November 19-23, 2017)

Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety (Issued November 19, 2017 at 1:00 pm; Valid until November 23, 2017)

Most parts of the Upper Thames River watershed received an additional 15 to 30 mm of rainfall yesterday on top of the 10 to 30 mm of rainfall received earlier in the week. The highest rainfall totals were received in the north part of the watershed. The additional rainfall is producing the highest stream flows since spring of this year in the majority of watershed watercourses.

Residents are reminded to use extreme caution near all watercourses, and to keep pets and children safe. Water is fast moving and cold, and bank areas can be slippery.

River water levels will be approaching top of bank in some areas but serious flooding is not expected at this time. Flows in upper portions of the watershed and smaller streams are expected to peak during the day today; the Thames River in London is expected to peak overnight tonight and into early Monday. Currently, there is no significant rainfall in the forecast for next week.

Flood control reservoirs at Pittock, Wildwood and Fanshawe will be used to reduce downstream flooding, and are all currently at seasonal levels.

UTRCA officials are monitoring the situation, and will report on any changing conditions if necessary.

See Thames River water level information

Contact: Teresa Hollingsworth, Manager, Community & Corporate Services

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